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High-octane virtual reality racer Radial-G: Proteus out now on Oculus Quest

MANCHESTER, 17th December 2019: The futuristic anti-gravity racing game that said[3] was, “Fast, beautiful and shows mastery of VR design” is out now on the Oculus Quest.

Three years after it’s initial launch, this new addition to the franchise is brought to the untethered Oculus Quest headset by indie VR games publisher Things3D.

A huge hit on previous VR platforms including Rift, PSVR and Vive, Tammeka Games’ all-new version of Radial-G delivers the Oculus Quest’s first hardcore, premium racing experience. Brought exclusively to the untethered Oculus headset by VR games publisher Things3D, Radial-G: Proteus is available to download today from 10AM PST/6PM GMT worldwide.



  • $24.99, exclusively on Oculus Store

  • Eight gameplay modes including combat, elimination and championship

  • Nine tubular, half-pipe and rail-based racetracks

  • Brand new techno soundtrack by Tom Evans and Last Ronin

  • Single player career mode

  • Four unlockable ships

  • Three speed classes

  • Oculus achievements and leaderboards

The futuristic race puts players in control of a sleek spaceship. The tracks are built from winding, coiling tubes with the ship rocketing around its circumference. The environments offer stunning, vertiginous views, if the pilot dares to take their eyes off the track.


In Q1 2020, the first Radial-G: Proteus update will be released, adding the following awesome features to the game:

  • New boss-fight game-mode

  • Additional racetrack

  • Expanded single player campaign

  • Three additional, unlockable ships

And you’ll be excited to hear that multiplayer is also confirmed for a Radial-G: Proteus update.


  • “I really like it, dude. The more I play it, the more I like it!” ~ GamertagVR[7]

  • “FEEL THOSE G’S!! It is high speed and not for the faint hearted! … It plays absolutely incredible on the Oculus Quest!” ~ SteveKnows[8]

  • “This is sooooo good guys!” Zimtok5[9]

  • “Racing games have been a definitive genre for VR headsets across both PC VR and PSVR so Radial-G will certainly fill a gap for [Oculus Quest] players.” ~ UploadVR[10]

  • “Radial-G: Proteus delivers full immersion racing featuring gut-wrenching twists, jumps, splits…” ~ OQPlay[11]

  • “That was honestly a lot of fun!” ~ MarkWattsVLG


Join us over at Things3D to stay up to date on Radial-G: Proteus as it revs up its engines![12]


Things3D VR publisher is the latest venture from the team that founded legendary iPhone games publisher Chillingo. With a practical and diverse history in mobile games, retro games, console games and indie initiatives, Things3D recognised 20 years ago that the world was changing with the advent of mobile devices. A second leap is about to happen with the mass adoption of game-changing VR headsets.

Things3D is working with VR game developers around the world to help usher in the virtual reality and augmented reality revolution.[13]

Tammeka Games is an independent VR games developer, and creator of Radial-G : Racing Revolved, and its mobile alter-ego, Radial-G: Infinity X.

It’s games are built from the ground-up for VR, PC, console and mobile platforms, as well as standard displays.

Radial-G : Racing Revolved is it’s multiplayer sci-fi arcade racer supporting Oculus, Vive and OSVR on PC, and for Sony PSVR

Radial-G : Infinity X is a single-player sci-fi infinite runner available for Samsung Gear VR.[14]


For media enquiries, interviews, review code and information on Things3D and its products, contact:

Name: Spanner Spencer

Position: Community Manager

Email: [email protected][15]


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