How XpertVR Is Changing The Face Of Traditional Research With Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has gotten more sophisticated over the years. Although its well-known applications lie in gaming[1] and entertainment[2], its potential isn’t limited to these industries. Market research, for instance, is an avenue that has yet to be explored fully.

Tech startup XpertVR is perhaps one of a handful of companies pushing the boundaries in this field, providing businesses with unique immersive solutions.

What Is XpertVR?

XpertVR[3] was founded by Drew MacNeil and Evan Sitler. They met through entrepreneurship programs at Goodman Group Venture Development. Their shared fascination with XR brought them together. Over the years, they considered 360 video marketing, VR entertainment booths, and training simulations before settling on XR tools to aid with research.

Drew MacNeil Co-Founder XpertVR
Drew MacNeil, co-founder of XpertVR

MacNeil and Sitler, driven by their interest in marketing, began consulting market research firms in 2018. They immediately learned how outdated the industry was. At the same time, they realized the potential for innovation in the market research industry.

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